At the beginning of this month our studio, under the ownership of Terra, management of Jess and with our outstanding Flight Crew, turned 2! We have come a long way in these two years and have continued to grow.  What’s next? We are expanding to have an additional studio within the same building right on Main Street.
What does this mean to us? Higher ceilings; more classes; and a beautiful new space.  Our new studio is located on Main Street, right next to the Blue Dove Dance Boutique.  We will be able to fit 9 Lyra; 9 Split Silks and 9 Hammock Silks in the new space. At FIF, we feel it is important for people to not have to share equipment, so they are able to learn as much as possible in one class; to have smaller class sizes to focus on individualized attention; to promote personal growth. We will be able to continue our mission, while over looking the Black Dirt Fields of Chester, NY.  Our new space has windows in the back of the studio, along with a bright, open space in the front, so we can feel like we are out on the Silk Deck all year long. Don’t worry – we wouldn’t ever want to give up the Silk Deck.  That is still ours, along with Studio C.  We will now have the ability to offer more than one class at one time.

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