So you’ve been thinking about taking your first Aerial Yoga class, but you’re wondering “What EXACTLY am I signing up for ?” We’ve answered some of your Frequently Asked Questions below…

Benefits of Aerial Fitness

  • Get an incredible workout, lengthening and strengthening your body at the same time
  • Develop incredible upper body strength (without even trying to!) by lifting, pulling, and climbing on the silk
  • Develop an extremely strong core by through the many poses, balances, and lifts when using the silk
  • Get the ability to stretch deeper without experiencing strain because the silk supports part of your body weight
  • Work more of the body at once because weight is distributed throughout multiple working points
  • Improve balance through use of the constantly moving silk
  • Increase your spatial intelligence by exposing yourself to new perspectives within 3-D space
  • Experience the empowerment of being able to lift your own body weight into new poses
  • Reinforce proper body alignment, which will carry over into your everyday life, and throughout your other fitness practices

Are Aerial Silks for Me?

 YES! Anyone can do it!!
An Aerial Silk Class is practiced in a fabric sling or ‘hammock.’   An Aerial Class combines a variety of movements including, but not limited to, yoga poses, assisted stretches, inversions, dance, acrobatic,  strength , and relaxation  moves. The variations in which the sling/hammock can be used are endless…. increase balance, strength, and flexibility..They can help you progress past plateaus you may encounter in your regular ‘workouts’ or hobbies…   Plan on lots of hands on help from your teachers.  This program is aimed for many different levels. 
 Class Descriptions are on the Schedule/Class description page.  Any questions at all about what class you should try, do not hesitate to contact us at flexibilityinflight@gmail.com, or call our Flight Crew at 845-237-2760.   If you have an injury or condition it is your responsibility to let us know.  We are happy to help you in whatever way we can.  Aerial Silks has a great many therapeutic benefits, but perhaps not every class is a good match for every person.  So please, any questions, again, do not hesitate to contact us! We can help recommend the right class for you, and teacher that may be a perfect fit.
Class reservations are recommended.  You can register online , or always send an email to our email address or Call our Flight Crew to check if there are enough silks available.  Because we have saved your Silk, please let us know if you cannot make class so we can offer the silk to another student.   Individual Privates and private classes for small groups or parties are available.  We love working one on one with students, or helping to accommodate a  a perfect time for a group of friends for a class or a party. 

What Can I Expect from My First Class?

When you enter, breathe in, leave your shoes and any problems at the door, turn your phone on vibrate, and enter towards the desk to sign in.  After you have signed in, the teacher, or a teachers assistant, will introduce themselves and help to  find the correct silk for you, adjust it accordingly to your height and level….this may take a little time depending on how many new students are in class.  Please be patient…you want your silk height to be perfect for you.  There are many students in class who know what they are doing, teachers assistants, and may come to welcome you, and perhaps hop out of their silk during the class to give a hand.  At flexibility in flight, we encourage each and every student to share what they know and help each other out. Not to worry, the teacher has this under control…an unqualified student will never be allowed to  assist.  Trust.  We’ve got your back. Literally and figuratively.
To Prepare for Class
It is highly recommended to   refrain from eating a heavy meal in the two hours before class. Stay hydrated.  
What to Wear
The proper attire can make your experience so much better.  Please wear close fitting clothes that move.  A skinny leg exercise pant, or capri length that covers the back of the knee is best.  No raised decorations on clothing such as buttons, zippers, drawstrings.   The material that works best is a spandex blend, a polyester, lycra, nylon blend will slide nicely in the silks.  a close fitting tank or top that covers the abdominal area is best.  Long hair should be pulled back  
What NOT to Wear
No Jewelry, hard hair bands. Make sure body piercings are covered. Leave valuables at home.  Shorter manicured nails and toes are best, and less likely to get stuck in the silk, (it’s happened) and long nails are difficult to hold on to the silk. Please arrive reasonably clean and free of heavy perfumes, colognes, and strong body odors.  Please respect the other students in class. 
 Silk Rules
Respect the teacher and students around you.
Do not attempt anything challenging without a spotter.
Be aware of your body getting tired.
Do NOT rush or make guesses.  …Be patient. 
Balance is just as important as strength as is trust in the silk and in the teacher. 
In order for us to help you, we may have to touch you. 
Ask questions, there’s no such thing as a stupid question.!